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Ideas are like stagworms*.  They infest your head by crawling in your nose and burrowing to your tongue:  Where they mature and molt.  Thenceforth they exit your mouth to infect others.  And the life cycle continues ...

*(nosebot larvae)


Mr. Nosebot

Studied Zoology and Theology. A biologist in a past life ...


Young and bright Minecraft enthusiast. All around great kid.

Jill Marie Storm (whom i shall call Mrs. Fantastic!!)

Jill has been contributing her writings (opinion, fiction and nonfiction) to various print newspapers and magazines since 1999. This is her first on-line article. She sang on her church's worship team for four straight years until becoming a mother. Her ministry now isn't about what she can do. Rather it's about raising her kids entrenched in God's undying love. Jill lives in South Florida with her husband, son and daughter.

Nosebot note: The "Invisible Girl", of the marvel team the "Fantastic Four", is married to Mr. Fantastic (the stretchy guy). And her surname is `Storm', or Mrs. Storm. Henceforth, I shall regard Jill as Mrs. Fantastic ... which fits :)

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