Friday, 18 December 2015

Abortion's Forked Tongue

Evil always wins through the strength of its splendid dupes; and there has in all ages been a disastrous alliance between abnormal innocence and abnormal sin.” (G.K. Chesterton, Eugenics and other Evils)

There is a contingent of pro choicers that have an ingrained dishonesty about them. While the majority fall within the spectrum of Lenin’s useful idiots, parroting disingenuous theorems outside of their fields of knowledge, the zealots are the ones of interest. They are like political spin doctors that try to shape circumstance to fit their ideological bend. Truth is of no concern to them, it is meddlesome and stifles their agenda. You would think that truth was everybody's ultimate goal, but this is not the case. Ultimate truth as a concept is contingent on a truth giver, a God from which it emanates. So for those unshackled from God, truth has no cord tying it to a pre-existent foundation. To them, truth is created in their own minds and subject to their passing fancies and purposes. They have replaced the foundations of truth, the omniscient almighty God, with themselves. In essence, they have declared themselves almighty. As such, they are unrestrained by morality in their quest to remake a counterfeit degenerate Eden. Power is the means and the means justifies the ends.

There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.” Lenin

But to what ends? Well, that which is the ends depends on the ideologue. And there can be many ends had in the pro choice brothel, unifying different people with different objectives on a common issue. For some it is racial. For some it is communist. For some it is a blend of male hatred and gender superiority. For some it is self-hatred. For some it is hedonism. For some it is irresponsibility. And for some it is satanic. For most, it is a blend of these. There can be many reasons to tell a lie. In part, this is what separates the pro choicer and the pro lifer. Truth. The pragmatist verses the moralist. Yet the pro choice pragmatic is only pragmatic in regards to their personally created version of truth. Ironically, by presuming themselves almighty, some have succumbed to their own lies. Forgetting that they deceived for a pragmatic purpose, which was to usher their utopian objectives. The lie told is no longer a pragmatic means to an end. Thinking themselves god, it now has moral equivalency. Some are so unhinged that they have forgotten their beginnings and now consider themselves moralists: Of a morality they created themselves, within their own minds. This is the maniacal truth of the spiritually ill.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

24 reasons why cats are evil

1. Cats litter. And littering is bad for the environment.

2. Witches always have a pet black cat. Need i say more?

3. Cats pretend they want to be petted, but then walk away. That’s dishonest.

4. Cats will destroy your furniture and curtains, just to see your facial expression. It amuses them.

5. Cats watch you when you’re sleeping. You didn’t know, ‘cuz you were asleep.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Misplaced Faith

Christian, where does your faith lie?

I was having supper with a pastor. And as is sometimes the case when believers intermingle, testimonies and past stories abounded. Nothing was particularly interesting about this pastor's back story. He was raised in a Christian home by Godly parents. He thought himself rebellious as a youth, but his stories indicated he was not. He seemed a nice man to shepherd the flock. As his story progressed, he discussed how his uncle and aunt were pivotal influences for his Christian walk and the rudder that steered him to Bible school. A nice story (perhaps a little boring), but good enough to share between chews. But then he said something startling. Amongst his fawning over his godly uncle and aunt, he said they were so important to his decision to believe in Jesus, that he was unsure if could believe if they renounced their faith.


How could this be? This man was raised in a good Christian home, had gone to seminary and was leading a local congregation, and he had a faulty foundation for his faith. His eternal salvation was built on the perceived holiness of a fallible man and woman: Instead of the infallible Lord Jesus Christ. The foundations of his aunt and uncle’s faith should have been his foundation, not the aunt and uncle themselves. Even if his uncle and aunt remain faithful to the grave, this foundation would be weak when tested by trial. Your faith should not be contingent on the faith of another.

I am troubled by this dynamic, and man’s capacity to follow man, and not God. I understand the close bond that can form when disciplining and that is healthy. But I am always terrified by the prospect that someone’s faith would be contingent on me (not my faith, but me personally). What a terrible burden for the fallible to carry. In a post about role modelling, I discussed how important it is to have Godly examples to shape Godly character. Yet this is not what I’m referring to here. Your Christian walk should be carried on legs marbled by Biblical truth and a sound relationship with God. You shouldn’t be piggy-backing someone else’s faith. If they fall, you fall.