Saturday, 30 May 2015

Malwarebytes - A class act.

"Given this bad blood between the companies, and the implication of illegal / criminal activity, I wondered if Malwarebytes would detect IObit as malware ..."

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Thomas the Engine talks Prozac and Purpose

Did you know you matter?  It’s all about perspective and a lack of it.  If you thought you were amazing, you’d feel better about yourself.  If you knew you were loved, you wouldn’t feel so despondent.  So many things can go wrong when we don’t know who we are.  We can grow depressed and suffer a minuscular self-worth.    For others, their self-worth is associated with temporal things such as power and possessions:  things as useful as a snowman on an hot day.  It may seem fun for a moment, but in the context of the grand scheme of things, it is momentary and insignificant.  If one lacks prestigious employment or a pretty face, they feel second tier and cheated of happiness.  Melancholy can be insidious, particularly when generated by unimportant reasons.  It can impair the pace of our journey and obscure the path we should trod.  We live in a Prozac society and we are a Prozac generation.  How can a train locomotive guide us to completion?

Friday, 1 May 2015

Why prolife is failing - The Why chromosome

The prolife movement has progressively been losing ground.  Against insurmountable odds, the prochoice movement pushes forward, gaining momentum and adherents.  How could something so clear-cut as the life within a mother’s belly be debatable?  Yet here we are.